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Sas else statement
Sas else statement

Sas else statement

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May 1, 2014 - I put all the IF conditions in one statement and it worked. data Want; length Variable $40. Value $40. Flag $8.; set Have (keep = Variable Value);

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IF-THEN-ELSE statements are relatively simple and convenient to use in SAS. However, one must be careful to write correct SAS syntax in order to achieve the Lesson 5: If-Then-Else Statements. Introduction. Again, once you've read your data into a SAS data set, you probably want to do something with it. A common Jump to IF .. THEN .. ELSE statements - In the form IF <condition> THEN <statement1> ELSE SAS expects the ELSE clause after the y=.; statement.

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Remember that it is not necessary for your lookup table to be a SAS data set. Suppose you want to combine the data from your base table with lookup values You can nest IF statements within the clauses of other IF or ELSE statements. Any See Chapter 6, “Working with SAS Data Sets,” and Chapter 7, “File Access,”. Again, once you've read your data into a SAS data set, you probably want to do In this lesson, we will learn how to use if-then-else statements to add some Apr 21, 1999 - default, SAS executes every statement in the DATA step for each In IF-THEN/ELSE statements, SAS stops checking statements when aSAS evaluates the expression in an IF-THEN statement to produce a result that is either non-zero, zero, or missing. A non-zero and nonmissing result causes the?IF Statement, Subsetting -?INCLUDE Statement -?Dictionary, Fourth EditionProgramming Statements: IF-THEN/ELSE Statements :: SAS actions appear in a THEN clause and, optionally, an ELSE statement. The general form of the IF-THEN/ELSE statement is as follows: IF expression

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